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Antique Furniture & Ormolu Restoration

Professional Antique French Furniture Repair

Antique Furniture Restoration Repair Specialists

Restoration of antique furniture is not a task for inexperienced staff or handymen. Alan Martuneac, of Chantelle Chandeliers, is recognized in Palm Beach for his skill restoring valuable antique furniture. He provides genuine, professional antique furniture repair services and antique furniture refinishing services.

An individual becomes qualified to provide professional antique furniture restoration service only after learning the techniques and the unique identifying marks and labels of the notable craftsmen and manufacturers from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

In addition to the skill required for this trade, knowledge of when to restore a valuable piece of furniture, rather than revamp or rebuild, is a valuable bit of modern day mastery all its own. History is lost, and value compromised when individuals inexperienced in antique furniture restoration start sanding and taking apart centuries-old examples of classic craftsmanship.

Alan Martuneac and Chantelle Chandeliers have earned their reputation throughout Palm Beach and South Florida for quality professional restorations of antique furniture.


French Antique Table
French Antique Table

South Florida's finest antique restoration:

  • Antique writing desks
  • Antique coffee tables
  • Antique French furniture
  • Antique secretaries desks (rolltop desks)
  • Antique gold finish furniture
  • French writing desks
  • French armoires


Reguilding (Gold Plating) of Ormolu (Bronze Pieces)

Ormolu Restoration Services

Without the art of professional reguilding (gold plating), a classic example of craftsmanship may only realize a fraction of its potential worth for its current owner. Yet, few restoration specialists ever attain this skill. Antique gold restoration and reguilding, however, is something that Alan Martuneac and Chantelle Chandeliers engage in on a daily basis. This skill sets them apart in the niche market of South Florida antique furniture restoration.

“The ability to guild (gold plate) handles, and decorative brass – bronze pieces to their original state on various furniture pieces during a restoration is a big factor in a beautifully finished piece”, comments Martuneac.

Chantelle Chandeliers performs reguilding of many kinds of antique clocks, hardware, and more.

Since 1991, clients have trusted Chantelle Chandeliers to restore their valuables while preserving their history. For antique furniture restoration and refinishing, Chantelle Chandeliers is the preferred choice with the proven reputation. Trust your valuables to none other.

Fine Ormolu
Fine Ormolu

South Florida's source for expert,
professional ormolu restoration:

  • Antique table lamps
  • Antique grandfather clocks
  • Antique furniture hardware
  • Bronze ormolu
  • Antique brass hardware
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