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Chandelier Cleaning New York and Palm Beach

Estate Property Buyer: Antique Lighting

Antique Lamp - Estate Property

Antique Desklamp - Estate Property

Antique Brass Oil Lamp - Estate Property

Antique Chandelier - Estate Property

Chandeliers, Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps, Lanterns and Oil Lamps

Do you have an antique chandelier available for purchase?

An antique desk lamp or antique floor lamp wasting space?

Your antique and estate property could be worth thousands... maybe more.

How much more?
Would you like the opinion of a professional antique collector?

Alan Martuneac is now buying all kinds of antique lighting to build his collection of estate property purchases, including:

Antique Lighting

  • Antique Lighting
  • Antique Chandeliers
  • Antique Desk Lamps
  • Antique Floor Lamps
  • Antique Lanterns
  • Antique Oil Lamps

View valuable antiques of centuries past, and consider Alan Martuneac the next time you have a valuable, historical antique available for purchase.

Considering a sale of some estate property? Other antiques?
Contact Us for your next Antique Transaction


Estate Property Investors

Buying Antiques and Estate Property


Buying Antique Lighting

Buying Antique Furniture

Buying Antique Mirrors & Frames

Buying French Antiques

Antique Desklamp - Estate Property

Antique Desklamp - Estate Property

Antique Chandelier - Estate Property




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